Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening (“bleaching”) remains the most requested cosmetic dental service, according to America Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Under the supervision of a dentist, tooth whitening is perhaps the safest cosmetic procedure. We offer two methods of teeth whitening in Apple Dental: KOR deep bleaching and simple take home tray method

KOR Whitening Deep Bleaching System

The common problems with regard to teeth whitening are increased sensitivity during the procedure, the impermanence of the treatment and that most products cannot effectively remove deep intrinsic stains. There are many teeth whitening variants in the market today. Some teeth bleaching systems are done in-office while others are professional at-home treatments. There is one bleaching system that effectively whitens your teeth permanently and minimizes sensitivity. Apple Dental trusts the KOR Whitening Deep Bleaching System for our patients because it produces dramatic results and is safe to use.

If done properly, you will exhibit beautifully white teeth that are healthy and look natural. Even deep intrinsic stains like those caused by tetracycline can be removed by this revolutionary whitening system with little to no sensitivity involved. The process is comfortable and the at-home phase is easy to perform. The results are incredible and the best part is that people from ages 14 to 90 can benefit from this tooth whitening procedure because it is safe for the teeth and their supporting structures. This means a wider range of people can whiten their smiles without the discomfort that comes with other bleaching procedures in the market today.

Simple take home teeth whitening kit

Simple take home teeth whitening kit may not be as effectively as KOR deep bleaching but it serves a very good source for teeth bleaching and partial group of people can see good result with this method. A simple bleaching tray method is basically using a custom trays and the gel was placed inside the tray by the patient daily for about 10-14 days.